About Us

About Us

Secure All Security has gained field experience since 1994, in perimeter security. We have handles some of the most demanding & sophisticated projects which involved harsh topographic areas.

Electric Fences are used as a first security barrier. In order to enjoy the wonderful climate of South Africa by entertaining your friends outside in the evening this is a must. Reports of people robbed, injured and brutally murdered inside or outside their homes are common. Every South African has had that experience, either with themselves or relatives.

We strive to provide our client’s with a custom made high quality fence at a reasonable price. Based on  previous experience in a manufacturing environment, the company is able to manufacture specialized electric fencing poles and equipment as needed. Different products can be combined to produce the best fence at the best price. If the voltage is not high enough, the wires get tampered with easily.

What makes an electric fence installed by Secure All Security different?

  • We offer competitive prices.

  • We use only square tubing poles with at least seven strands.

  • We only buy equipment from reputable manufacturers.

  • You have peace of mind allowing the staff of Secure All Security on your premises. We do not use temporary staff and you can have peace of mind allowing the staff of Secure All Security on your premises.

  • We take utmost care to do our installations neatly and according to your specifications.

  • We believe in open and honest communication.

We Guarantee:

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Quality Workmanship

  • Quality products & Equipment

  • Quality Security

  • Excellent Guarantees & Back-up

  • Solid Established Company

  • Experience

  • Innovative Design

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